Saturday, March 2, 2013

Exploring wine in the heart of beer country

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Like the protagonists in He Said Beer, She Said Wine, my wife has tended towards wine as her drink of choice. She has humored me over our months together by going to more brewpubs than wineries (okay, many more). So this year we decided that we were going to learn more about wine. I agreed and then we put the idea on the shelf until this Saturday when we were at the homebrew shop getting beer ingredients. Then my wife told me “we’re going to visit Boulder Creek Winery”.  I generally go along with plans like these, so we found ourselves on an impromptu wine tasting.

There was one guy manning the counter. We did the self-directed tour first. This was rather well put together. This is a small enough winery that you can pretty much walk into the production room and see everything. They have some neat informative boards about the wine-making process. The tasting itself was $5 a person – and well worth it.

Then we went and checked out the Bookcliff Winery in Northern Boulder. I had stopped by the Upslope Winery before but had never gone next door. It was pleasantly busy for a Saturday, but not too crowded. This tasting was also $5. We liked their Viognier (just a bit of sweet French oak) and their Riesling enough to go home with a bottle of each (with the bonus of making the tasting free). We’ll call it a good start.

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