Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Resolve 10k

One of the things that I decided to give up in 2016 was racing alone. For me running has always been a mix of community and solo and for a while races were like that too. Many times in the last few years I had decided that I wanted to do a 5k or a 10k and just gone down to Denver or somewhere, run the race and then come home. But running with the KRM reminded me of the fun of running with friends both before, during and after the run. I decided that going down to a race by myself just was not that fun anymore. So when two friends from the Boulder Track Club said they were running a 10k on an open Saturday I decided to jump onboard.

Parking for the Resolve 10k
The best place I have found for parking at the City Park races is right of E 23rd street almost immediately after you turn off of Colorado. From here it is a 10 minute walk (half mile) to the registration. It was about 17 °F when I picked up my bib. Good thing the bathroom was heated.

Registration area
For a warm-up I found it helpful to run the first mile of the course. Even having done it once before it is a somewhat confusing set of turns in the first mile and it’s nice to be able to know how to run the tangents in the first mile.

This race was cold. Earlier in the week it had been in the high 20’s and I was hoping that it would be warm enough to race in shorts. This was not to be. Fortunately I had brought a pair of gloves with mitten pull-overs. These have been a great cold-weather pair of gloves which have saved my hands on many sub-25 °F runs. The bathrooms, while having only curtains for doors were well heated and not too crowded even 15 minutes before the start.

It did indeed feel like 5 F
The course itself consisted a 5k loop which you did once or twice depending on the race. I was happy to see that this race posted itscourse online for study before which was very useful. The one discrepancy was in how you ran the traffic circle in the middle – but this was well marked and worked much better as it was executed with runners who were going in opposite directions on opposite sides of the traffic circle (instead of on the same side).

Course on the website
Actual course
There were about 150 runners at the start and the announcements were a little long. Someone from Work Options for Women talked about the worthy cause that our registration money was going towards. The 5k and 10k runners all start together but things thinned out pretty quickly. A somewhat crazy dude in shorts and a singlet took off to lead the 5k. He took along one of the 10k runners (who I learned after dropped down to the 5k).

You go dude in singlet in 20 degree weather
The roads were also pretty clear of snow and ice – save one or two less-traveled spots. The first / third mile loops around several roundabouts and you do have to pay attention to run your tangents. Then you run on the south side of the zoo up a very slight incline to the 2 / 5 mile turn-around. The loop finishes out with a fairly straight run past the eastern side of the lake and then a fairly straight shot to the finish.

And we're off!
After a somewhat ambitious start of a 3:19 and a 3:30 kilometer I was passed by the fellow who eventually won the race. He maintained a 15-second lead as we both settled into a 3:36 km (5:49 mile) pace. I finished with a 35:58 which my watch claimed was 9.95 km – well within the margin of error for a pretty darn accurate course in my books.

The race provided free photos which is a nice feature I have seen in a few races now. They aren’t as fancy as other races but they also aren’t a comical price. Your bib also gets you a free drink after a nearby bar where they do awards.

A bit faded yes, but not $7.99

I cooled down with the Boulder Track Club folks that I ran with and went on home. This is a pretty fast course and a good winter primer for the summer racing season. I’d do this one again.